Lighting Plan Design

Lighting Matters is proud to offer our lighting plan design service at no cost to you for end user customers undertaking residential new builds and renovations, retail store and showroom makeovers, restaurant and cafe revamps and any other similar work requiring custom designs.

Lighting Plan Design
Lighting Plan Design

Why do I need lighting design?

A lighting plan in it’s final stage is typically used for builders and electricians to work from in order to complete their components of the building process, but along the way the lighting designers role is to specify lighting products and their placement in conjunction with you – the client, so that you achieve maximum energy efficiency, light uniformity, continuity of light colours, satisfactory levels of light all whilst meeting any building code or Australian Standard requirements. The lighting design process also takes into account the specification of lighting components such as dimmers and automation systems and their compatibility with the selected products, insulation value affecting properties and ease of installation.

Building Code of Australia – Recent changes to the BCA make it difficult to use older inefficient lighting technologies in residential and commercial spaces. The easiest way to overcome this is by using high efficiency LED lights and luckily that’s all we supply at Lighting Matters. Correct positioning of light fixtures, careful selection of the correct beam angles and luminaire lumen output can substantially reduce the amount of light fixtures required in a room and will typically provide better illumination in work spaces, with uniform appearance and lower power density.

Australian Standards – Lighting in commercial spaces is typically met with the challenge of ensuring compliance with the Australian Standards for lighting in AS1680, often light modelling using computer software is required to get a reasonable idea of lux levels that may be achieved based on room size, reflectivity values and the lighting product’s photometric file accuracy. There are also recommendations for residential applications.

Choosing The Right Light – Often we’ve seen houses that are literally filled with down lights, along with this comes a lot of unnecessary light and a huge power bill. There are also some homes which simply don’t have enough light or incorrectly positioned providing harsh shadowing over work areas or a lack of light all together. By completing a professional lighting design from Lighting Matters we take everything you tell us into consideration. Advancements in LED technology allow us to put light into spaces that previous could not be achieved with traditional sources.

Overlit Room with Downlights
A Lounge Room Over-lit with Downlights

Customised Lighting Solutions – Not everyone has worked with LED technology. We on the other hand have only worked with LED lighting since day one of our existence. Having this experience means we can provide sound advice about colour temperature choices for particular finishes, which switch plates and dimmers will work together with each recommended LED lighting product. We can customise LED strip lighting solutions, or match downlight fascia colours to fit your decor. We offer a degree of professionalism that you won’t get from anybody else without paying big time. Our whole home approach to lighting design means you get everything you need, from one place, with one company accountable, no breakdowns in communications between the builder, architect, client and electrician.


Whats the lighting plan used for?

It will provide the installer and other parties involved with a reference point for cabling, which lights will be controlled by separate switching points, where each light will be installed and which product is used. It can be used in conjunction with dimmable circuits, and reflect power points and other devices. The plan will also contain and product variations used for different areas especially beam angles, colour temperatures, trim types and wattage – key components of proper lighting design.

What are the benefits from undertaking a design with Lighting Matters?

At the end of the journey you’ll end up with a comprehensive understanding of lighting and LED technology, a digital overlay lighting plan along with legend and product variants, a quotation for any products that Lighting Matters can supply and ongoing technical support until the building has been completed.


Ready to go?

If you’d like us to assist you with your lighting plan design then follow the easy steps below:

1. Fill in the form below and we will make contact you to arrange a suitable time and place to discuss your project.

2. Send through a PDF version of both floor and elevation plans including dimensions and any other helpful information about the design of your new build.

3. After the consultation we will prepare and send you a draft copy of the lighting plan for your approval.

4. Review the plan with any parties involved such as builders, electricians and family members. Let us know of any amendments that need to be made to create the final lighting plan design.

5. Revised lighting plan submitted along with a quotation for any goods required.



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