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Achievement Pose

Achievement Pose

Below are some links to useful information about LED lighting technology.



Philips Online Lighting University (requires login)

Topics covered: LEDs and Trends, Myths about LEDs, Principle of LED, Principles of LED Systems, Applications for Indoor Functional and Architectural.


Brightgreen Lighting School

Topics covered: Lighting Terms, Lighting Technologies, Designing with Light, Standards and Policies


Philips LED Lighting (A Game)

General questions about LEDs and lighting in a fun game form.



Not strictly about LEDs, but this is a superb educational and instructional video series on electronics. Show the kids. A must-watch for LM employees.


What is LM80 and TM21?

A pdf explaining lumen maintenance, published by Philips Lumiled division.


What is the difference between LM79 and LM80?

A pdf explaining LED testing, published by US Dept of Energy.

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