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Verbatim LED Panel Offer

Verbatim October Specials – LED Panel Pallet Pricing

For the month of October premium quality LED lighting manufacturer Verbatim are offering a special deal on their brand new LED light panels for commercial troffer upgrades.

Purchase a pallet of LED panels (18 or more) and Verbatim will provide three of them for FREE! If you need more than 18 then it’s as simple as buy 5 get 1 free!

Contact us today to enquire.

Verbatim LED Panel Offer
Verbatim LED Panel Offer
Verbatim LED Panel Promotion
Verbatim LED Panel Promotion
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LED lights change the way we use our 4wd Spot lights

Have LED’s finished off the traditional Spotlight?

For decades 4wd enthusiasts have been mounting the biggest and brightest spotlights they can find on the front of their 4wd’s, the question is with the introduction and advancement of LED lights are the days of the traditional Spotty numbered?

LED lights are now illuminating the way, coming in a wide variety of shapes, colours, beam widths and sizes to suit any need, budget and ego. Whilst logic would dictate that we buy after market lights for our cars to be able to see better in the bush or darken roads, the 4wd magazine hype will have us feeling inadequate if our 4wd does not front up with the latest bling on our rigs.

The difference between halogen headlights and LED lights is like day and night.

LED Lights used on 4wd

Now there are two ways to measure Lumens, potential and actual. The potential Lumens is often a figure direct from the globe, or diode manufacturer, and is always the highest number – think perfect conditions. Unfortunately in the real world things like lens design and manufacturing inefficiencies mean we rarely see anywhere close to the boasted figures.

Lumens, and light output in general work exactly the same.

The colour of the emitted LED lights is also as important as the light’s output. The colour temperature is rated in Degrees Kelvin. 4000K-5500K is equivalent of sunlight, which is the most visible to the human eye. Led lights on 4wd

The abundance of traditional halogens headlights and their ease of production still make them inexpensive, but comes with a  trade-off for fuel efficiency, battery strain and durability as halogens only produce light from around 5% of the electrical input to the globe, with the other 95% shed as heat up to 400 degrees Celsius hot enough to cook your dinner.

While LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights have been around for many years, and has really started to get a strangle hold in our homes, it is now transitioning in a big way into the motor vehicle industry.

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The Brightgreen D700+ is here!!!

Brightgreen’s D700+ seen as an industry LED first.

To much fanfare Brightgreen has launched its revolutionary new LED down light design.

Brightgreen D700+ Trim Options
Brightgreen D700+ Trim Options

Brightgreen’s exciting new D700+ which they argue has been proven to reduce Unified Glare Ratings (UGR), allowing home owners to achieve a more balanced ambient and inviting interior lighting in their homes.

Released at a competitive price point, the new D700+ LED down lights deliver multiple benefits including low glare, high energy efficiency and adaptability.

New low-glare design

A deeply recessed, low-glare lens that shields the light source from your direct line of sight combines with the luminaire’s direct beam to allow for more comfortable, ambient illumination, enabling lighting designers to feature the lighting as part of the deign instead of having to try and deal with unwanted light spill.

Market-leading efficiency

According to the spec sheet, the D700+ pushes the bar in LED efficiency, using its universal gimbal design and IC-rating to provide a higher home energy rating when installed in a fully insulated ceiling.

Unmatched adaptability

The simple interchangeable fascia and filter system allows homeowners to update the D700+ to match interior changes throughout its 70,000-hour lifetime, giving users greater control over the style, colour and lighting effect of the fitting and the light beam itself.

The full range of Brightgreen LED lights are available at Lighting Matters, shop online at today or visit one of our conveniently located showrooms, for details check out our website.

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LED lights, LED Cats eyes, Lighting Matters, LED Lighting

LED road lights improve accident black spots

How long before Australia follows the UK and starts replacing the traditional Cats eye on our roads with solar powered LED lights?LED lights, LED Cats eyes, Lighting Matters, LED Lighting

The new generation of road lights can be seen up to 1,000 meters ahead, 10 times further than traditional cats eyes, and capable of working for up to 10 days with just four hours of charge, and cost the same amount over the course of their life as traditional cats eyes.

Advances in technology have led to the development of studs that include LED light emitting diodes, hardwired in tunnels and solar powered elsewhere.

To date, the LED road lights have been used in about 400 accident black spots, including along stretches of the M40 in the Midlands and the A20 in Kent, the question is has the Australian authorities looked ahead and also LED lighting as an alternative way to make accident black spot areas saver for all road users.

Motorists in the UK have applauded to move, saying that it is much less stressful driving when the road studs are used because drivers can see rther ahead. They have also been proven to improve road discipline.

LED lights, LED Cats eyes, Lighting Matters, LED LightingThe lights have a battery which is capable of storing up to 200 hours worth of charge, which means they work even on days when there is little light.

The LED road lights are cost effective and last for between eight and 10 years. By contrast cats eyes cost around 1/3 of the price however only last for between two and three years before they need replacing.

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LED racing to new lengths

If you thought LED lighting had only limited uses then think again, a recent 6 week trial using LED lighting,  in the UK with two racehorses have shown improvements in condition and attitude.

led lighting, lighting matters, led lights in racing stables, led technologyUsing LED Full Spectrum lights, which were introduced to two stable boxes at Phil’s Sharpehill Stables in Middleham, North Yorkshire, following a suggestion by Keith Foster, owner of horticultural and seed specialists, Exhibition Seeds, and Stephen Fry, commercial sales manager for Coventry-based hydroponic manufacturers and wholesalers, HydroGarden. 

According to sources quoted in the article, LED therapy stimulates the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a major carrier of energy to all cells that provides the energy driving the chemical reaction of the cell. 

Increases in ATP allow cells to use nutrients faster as well as get rid of waste products faster by increasing the energy level in the cell. Recent studies in Singapore and Italy using LED lights to heal strains and wounds showed encouraging results.


The LED lights, connected to timers to control the LED lights and to ensure the horses had adequate sleep, we strategically place 1 metre above each horse’s head in the middle of the stable in order to create a balanced spread of light and creating a sense of longer daylight hours.

After two weeks under the LED lights, both horses needed to have their daily food ration increased, which in turn resulted in improvements in their skin and general appearance compared to the horse in the adjacent stable boxes who were not supplied with the LED Lights

During the six-week trial, Kirby noted that the horses which had the LED therapy “developed excellent muscle tone and their generally improved wellbeing was very evident on their daily gallops”. Kirby is intends to continue the trial introducing the LED Full Spectrum lights trial on two more horses as the days start to shorten again in autumn.

At Lighting Matters we are excited by the many uses that LED lighting has, If you have a unique project you want to try, give us a call on 1300 565 337 to talk about how we can help you.

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4.5 Creative Ways You Can Use LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lighting is so versatile here are some creative ways to use it.

Lighting Matters stock only the highest quality LED strip lighting and we ensure the use of colour consistent LED packages. Low, medium and high intensity strips are stocked to suit any residential and commercial applications.

LED strip light is an exciting product that allows people to explore their creativity. At only 10 mm wide and around 3 mm thickness, flexible strip light is great fun to use and is completely safe using a low 12 volts DC.

So here are 4.5 creative uses for LED Strip Lighting

1: On your car:

led strip lighting, Lighting Matters,

 Pimp you ride, with LED strip lighting under your car or get creative in you boot or other areas you want to highlight.

2: In your boat

led strip lighting, Lighting Matters,

 Love fishing at night? then why not install some LED strip lighting to light up the boat so you can see what you are doing.

Own a caravan? Why not install LED strip lights under your annex for better visibility at night.

3: Outdoor area

led strip lighting, Lighting Matters,

 Using LED Strip lighting is a fantastic way to highlight your BBQ area.

4: Kitchen

led strip lighting, Lighting Matters

 LED Strip lighting looks amazing in kitchens and it is so versatile, you can add light to any dark corner on the room or use it as a feature.

4.5: I promised you a 4.5 and here it is, recently pop star Taylor Swift used it in her concert and Disney has made the switch to LED strip Lighting for all their floats for the night parade.

led strip lighting, Lighting Matters, led strip lighting, Lighting Matters,

To get optimal results for your project, the team at Lighting Matters , recommend that installation should be done where the light source can not be easily seen. So, careful planning to ensure cables and lights are concealed will go a long way to provide a spectacular result that, only a few years ago, would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve.


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LED Lighting Bunny a big winner for Australian Artist.

Big LED Lighting rabbit is first public art gift from Art Makers

 Original article
The translucent sculpture Intrude, by artist Amanda Parer, illuminated with LED lighting, was chosen in July to be added to Lincoln’s public art collection.

Intrude lit up using LED lighting, by Australian artist Amanda Parer, was selected from among four finalists and will be on permanent display at a city park location still to be determined. The bunny will be made of steel covered by a translucent white marine resin — the same kind of material used for yachts — and illuminated from the inside by LED lighting.

It will be a big bunny — 21 feet long, 11 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide — and will be installed this fall or next spring. It will be built with the idea that kids can climb on it, said Lori Thomas, director of Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development. The bunny is an adaptation from Parer’s festival art — large inflatable bunnies displayed at large art shows — and is drawn from her Australian experience, where rabbits are out-of-control pests.

More than 70 Lincolnites who donated money to become Art Makers picked Intrude through a vote and hope to make a yearly donation of public art. Intrude was an overwhelming winner, said Thomas. “We love that it is fun,” Thomas said. “We really feel like the public will be engaged.”

Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development, a fund of the Lincoln Community Foundation, hopes to raise a $3 million endowment and use the interest to buy public art. Patrons who donate at least $25,000 and circle group members who raise at least $25,000 become Art Makers eligible to vote and meet the artists.

The group raised about $350,000 in its first year, Thomas said. And this year the public art project got $67,000 from the Winnett Fund, specifically designated for public art, ornamentation or decoration, she said. Intrude will be owned by the city and placed in a park picked by the collection subcommittee of Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development.

The collections subcommittee reached out to about a dozen artists whose work it liked and whose prices fit in the budget. They received nine proposals and forwarded four for Art Makers to vote on, Thomas said. Mayor Chris Beutler created Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development to help to generate a public art collection of national prominence here. In addition to the Art Makers project, Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development is also a sounding board for the mayor’s office and a filter for gift art.

Gift art, Thomas said, must meet specific criteria including safety, maintenance cost, site location and permanent collection standards.

Reach the writer at 402-473-7250 or On Twitter @LJSNancyHicks.

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disney led lights, lighting matters

Disney revamps parade with LED lights for it’s 60th birthday.

Led Lights add “Sparkle to the Disney Electrical Parade”

Disneyland is adding some extra sparkle for the theme park’s 60th anniversary “Diamond Celebration.” Millions of dollars of modernized light displays using LED lights and audio-visual upgrades add a renewed pop to landmark attractions and extra scare to thrill ride characters.

lighting matters, led lightsColor and light radiate from every angle of the Main Street parade with more than 1.5 million LED lights on moving floats and glowing character costumes.

Tinkerbell and other performers change the light colors with the wave of a wand, using wireless infrared technology.

“She’s able to tap at the float and cause the floats the come to life in a different fashion with different lighting looks,” Mike Layman, technical director of Disney Creative Entertainment told CNET’s Brian Tong.

The nightly fireworks will be a “street-to-sky” display with both explosions in the sky and moving light projections on landmarks such as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


Deeper into Fantasyland, The Matterhorn, which opened in 1959 and the company says was the first tubular steel roller coaster, was revamped in several ways. New set designs and a scarier looking and sounding Abominable Snowman appear in several places along the ride’s path for added thrills.

“With the abominable snowman we looked at new ways of motion,” Jeff Shaver-Moskowitz, producer for Walt DisneLighting matters, led lightsy Imagineering told CBS News.

They also amplified the Snowman’s roar. “Our audio engineers took some of the original pieces of sound of the roar and plussed it up with other animal, and panther and lion sounds.”

One of the original ghosts will reappear in the Haunted Mansion thanks to several new tech tools. “It’s a mixture of using projection, LED Lights, lighting effects and some really cutting edge technology inside the animatronic itself,” Shaver-Moskowitz added.

Designers aimed to make the Hatbox Ghost spookier with a smoother hologram illusion, and maybe a little more popular than he was when the attraction launched in 1969 and he didn’t perform well.

Disney began its 60th anniversary celebrations in May with an all-night park event that was so popular that the park reached capacity and people had to be turned away at the gates, CBS San Diego reported. The newly upgraded rides and events are currently running.

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