About Us

Founded in 2009 the Lighting Matters brand and company has grown considerably with new store locations being created each year, new high performance LED lighting products coming on board monthly, and new lighting techniques to really make any space better.

Our Services

Lighting isn’t an easy thing to get right, in fact now that LED is the dominant lighting solution the options are endless. We’re here to help you. So whether you need installation of your lighting, need a lighting design for residential or commercial property, a cost benefit analysis, custom luminaire design or general advice we can help!

Our Clients

Whether you’re after a retrofit globe for a desk lamp, or you’re building a multi-story apartment building we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our clients range from end users building a new home or retrofitting, architects specifying products, electrical engineers retrofitting for energy efficiency, builders and electrical contractors servicing their clients, business owners looking to reduce expenses, interior designers creating beautiful homes, environmental managers looking to reduce emissions and of course partners in the energy efficiency world that want to reduce power consumption and emissions, increase comfort and apply energy efficient design methods.

We’ve helped thousands of customers from single occupants to large corporations make the switch to high quality lighting.

Our Research

Knowledge… it’s key to our industry. That’s why we spend countless hours testing products, lighting systems and building light fixtures. Lighting products are broken down into component level management systems and through partners in the industry tested for accuracy. LEDs on their own are one key area of constant investigation, heat sinks, conductive materials, power supply or drivers and their associated electronic components are all looked at in depth in order to grasp the different methodologies and identify potential failure points. This research allows us to select lighting products that will not only illuminate spaces with energy efficiency, but with beautiful light that lasts the test of time.

In the beginning…

There wasn’t a mass of LED lighting products available globally, in fact at the time even the major manufacturers like Philips and Osram hadn’t even release any LED products in the general lighting space. There were however manufacturers pushing their own designs using branded LED chips, and we got on board and got moving with the push to convert to LED.

For many of the earlier years there had been as massive push to change existing inefficient lighting to LED in order to help reduce power consumption, the one thing LED is really good for. This market during 2012 saw many new faces arrive to offer their superior to the next product approach and through government incentives the retrofit market literally exploded, there were even trailers parked outside of the local Bunnings megastore offering LED tubes and LED bulbs are substantially discounted rates.

Unfortunately the retrofit market was a race to the bottom, without any thought or consideration of the lighting design and usefulness in terms of lighting effects and now to the point where you can get free light globes installed which is great for some spaces but useless for others.

During 2012 Lighting Matters switched focus to offering design services for people building new homes and businesses building new stores, showrooms, offices and so on, whilst retaining a range of retrofit LED lights.

Our first physical store presence started in Brunswick West VIC in 2011, Roseville NSW in 2013 and Malvern East VIC in 2015, with plans to continue store locations for the foreseeable future.

We set ourselves apart from traditional lighting stores by maintaining an LED only approach with limited decorative products such as pendants and table lamps and having a strong focus on providing an efficient lighting design no matter what project with products that had been able to pass our concept of what good LED lighting required, most of these requirements mainly about utilising high colour rendering index chips, adequate light coverage, correlated colour temperatures that weren’t skewed too far away from mid range whites (3000K-4000K), long warranties from reputable manufacturers and of course at a price that wouldn’t break the bank.

Pulling ourselves together our core team has been an integral part of building Lighting Matters to what it is today.


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