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    Samsung Boosts Colour Rendering to 90 CRI


    Just over a month ago Samsung Electronics, a global leader in LED technology, announced the release of their new improved light quality LED packages and modules boasting 90 CRI (colour rendering index) for use in advanced lighting scenarios.

    Samsung showcased their new high light quality LED modules and packages during LIGHTFAIR international trade show exhibition on June 3rd through to 5th.

    Bangwon Oh, Senior VP of strategic marking team, in the LED business of Samsung Electronics says, “With our improved colour rendering, Samsung’s LED packages and modules now provide LED lighting with a light quality that far surpasses that of convention lighting applications, while adding to the energy efficiency of our LED lighting line up”.

    “With more than 90 CRI, the enhanced colour reproducibility of our best product platforms will make them even more attractive to lighting designers worldwide”.

    Samsung’s product platforms include, COB (chip-on-board), mid-power and high-power packages as well as LED modules. With the new high light quality boost products such as the LM561B and other mid power LEDs (used in Lighting Matters high output LM Rigid LED Strip) will be used in a range of LED strip or tape lights, and retrofit bulbs with light quality comparable to that seen under natural sunlight.

    The new and improved high power LED LH351 series is also suitable for MR and PAR lamps that often require high colour rendering and high lumen outputs. Whilst Samsung’s LED modules and linear products see a thin 21mm wide LED strip module being used for cabinet lighting under bench top lighting, the CRI boost is warmly welcomed by LED luminaire manufacturers.

    Source for this article is here.