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    New Plug-and-Play LED Bulb to Replace Metal Halide


    Lunera Lighting Inc. has recently released a new range of LED lamps, named the Susan Lamp, designed to replace conventional metal halide lamps one for one using existing ballasts and fixtures.

    These new high output LED bulbs are added to part of Lunera Lighting leading edge BallastLED product portfolio that has created a new market segment for LED lamps.

    The Susan Lamp family are able to replace 400, 250 and 175 watt metal halide lamps by bringing these high-quality energy efficient LED lights to a vast range of industrial and commercial applications.

    They’re designed to last for 50,000 hours or more and should comfortably eliminate at least four lamp replacement cycles and deliver consistent light levels at a small portion of the metal halides lamp running power. They’re simple to install and eliminate the frustrations of short life spans, and rapid lumen depreciations.

    Tom Quinn, Lunera VP of sales and marketing says, “With our plug-and-play approach, we offer the lowest installed cost-per-watt saved of any LED high bay solution available in the market today”. He also states, “Our customers have made it very clear - when it comes to LED lighting, they are looking for products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own.”

    The Susan Lamp comes in different wattages for each level in the product family, the ‘Pro’ version is a high-lumen LED lamp, reducing energy consumption by 60 to 70 percent, there is also a ‘Junior’ version which maintains existing lighting levels but provides energy savings from 70 to 90 percent.

    The Susan LED lamps come with a 5 year warranty, 4000 kelvin colour temperature and more than 70 on the colour rendering index. The total outputs range from 2000 lumens in the Junior range up to 15,000 lumens in the Pro range and are designed to work with existing magnet ballasts.

    Lunera will soon launch their financing options as well, making it possible to switch to these LEDs with no deposit down and cash flow positive from day one.

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