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    New Cree Chipset delivers up to 200lm/W!


    Market leader Cree is continually breaking it's own efficacy records

    Recently Cree released their new XLamp product with the XP-L LED chipset. At just 350mA drive current this new XP-L LED delivers up to 200lm/W and is the first commercially available single-die LED to deliver this breakthrough efficiency .

    The tiny LED measuring just 3.45mm square can deliver up to 1079 lumens from just 10 watts of power at 85 degrees Celsius.

    The small form factor allows this high efficacy LED to be used in virtually any application from BR lamps, low and high bay fixtures and street lighting, even down to small MR16 sized lamps. A similar product is featured in their UR Series LED Upgrade Kit, which comprise of a set of high output LED light bars designed to be retrofit into existing fluorescent tube light fixtures.

    The game-changing LED delivers an immediate performance increase of more than 50 percent, and can be substituted into existing LED product designs.

    The new XP-L lamp from Cree can deliver minimum 80, 85 and 90 CRI LEDs in warm white (categorised at 2600-3700 kelvin) and minimum 70 and 80 CRI for neutral white from 3700-5000K. Cool white from 5000-8300 kelvin are also available in standard CRI.

    We expect to see these new LEDs from Cree incorporated into both new and existing product designs and released into the market over the next few months. We may even see the high efficacy upgrade kits available in Australia soon.

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