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    Cree Reinvents the 3-Way Light Bulb


    Cree is already well known for the rapid developments of high efficiency LED light bulbs, but they’ve now expanded their portfolio with the 3-way LED bulb.

    The 3-way bulb, not well known in Australia but common in the US, is designed to provide three light levels that suit different applications, from ambient lighting, to mid level work lighting, to high level task lighting. The bulb emits a warm, incandescent-like light but as is typical with LED technology it consumes up to 90 percent less electricity.

    One of the key attractions of this bulb is the price. The US is well known for their lower prices thanks to the huge volume of people living there, and this bulb, which has a maximum output of 1620 lumens (100W incandescent), is available from leading hardware store The Home Depot for $24.97 USD.

    Cree continues to develop and reshape the lighting industry with their pushing the limits methodology, by delivering highly efficient lighting at significantly lower costs than competitors in the same space. Norbert Hiller, Cree executive VP says “The 3-Way Cree LED bulb is another example of Cree’s commitment to providing consumers with choice and flexibility to encourage more rapid LED adoption.”

    Mark Voykovic, light merchant at The Home Depot says, “We’re excited to provide our customers the 3-Way Cree LED bulbs, an affordable LED alternative that delivers on the promise of a real three-way bulb with three distinct and visible levels of light”.

    Complete with a 10 year warranty and a quoted life span of 25,000 hours the bulb produces a warm 2700 kelvin colour temperature, the same as a standard incandescent but consumes just 18 watts compared to the 100W of light it emits.

    Lighting Matters CEO James Stapledon states, “It’s great that these highly efficient globes are becoming available at an affordable price and it will be even better when the 240V version eventually lands in Australia”.

    Source for this article is here.