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    Top 10 Reasons Why Home Owners are Switching to LED Lighting


    LED Lighting has advanced so rapidly in the past 5 years that everyman and his dog are selling them at the moment. There are some significant reasons for this and outlined below are our top 10 reasons why home owners are switching to LED lights over anything else.

    1. The energy efficiency! LED based lighting products are simply so efficient at producing light and directing it where it needs to be. In terms of delivered light we see energy savings of over 80% compared to halogen and incandescent sources and over 50% compared to CFLs.

    2. They last longer! Ever had the unbearable task of changing light globes? LED products typically last longer than other types of bulbs making this horrible task virtually eliminated for a much longer period of time.

    3. They don’t burn things! Conventional filament style lamps such as halogen, incandescent and even some CFLs produce a LOT of heat which over time can cause damage to light fixtures and even cause house fires when coupled with insulation. LEDs run at significantly cooler temperatures reducing this risk.

    4. Instant brightness! Despite CFL lamps being very energy efficient already, the long start up times makes them near useless for infrequently used areas such as toilets, pantry or laundry areas where quick trips are made.

    5. Versatility! Theres so many different ways LEDs can be used, LED tape or strip lights are a perfect example of how versatile LEDs are, being installed under cupboards where no other bulbs could otherwise be installed easily.

    6. Different Colours! Across Australia peoples preferred choice of colours to illuminate their home are being met easily with LED lights. Given they come in every colour you can imagine, you can in some cases choose the colour temperature you want by a simple iPhone app.

    7. Endless Designs! Since LEDs are so small in size, they're able to be incorporated into designs that would not otherwise be possible with typical styles of lamps making the world of architectural lighting a better place.

    8. Light Quality! LEDs can be produced in a way that allows for higher colour rendering qualities. Making high CRI lighting products from LED mean the colours of objects, skin tones and so on are more closely matched to natural light sources such as the sun. One area this will make significant improvements is replacing the very orange high pressure sodium bulbs our street lights have with a much cleaner white light to improve visibility and safety.

    9. A Sweet Investment! Number one was energy efficiency, but switching to LEDs from convention light sources is a very attractive investment. Lighting will comprise 20% of a homes typical electricity bill, switching to LED and reducing this bill means more money in your pocket and reducing your carbon emissions.

    10. Environmentally Friendly! When you couple LED products with renewable energy sources such as solar power you end up with an unstoppable light source which is particularly handy for remote areas and can help reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. The typical LED product is close to 100% recyclable at it’s end of life and whilst the embodied energy is higher than convention sources the efficiency makes up for it in a matter of years.