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    FREE Energy Efficient Lighting Plans


    The recent changes to the Building Code of Australia have generated a lot of confusion around which lighting technology to use in new homes and what is allowed under the amendments.

    The new building code stipulates 5 watts per square meter of artificial lighting in the interior envelope of new homes.

    With respect to halogen lighting, this would leave you with very dimly lit rooms, whilst changing to compact fluorescent lights can achieve a reasonable brightness with certain fittings they can still leave you with unpleasant colour rendition, flickering and slow start up times.

    Given that LED technology is so efficient and ticks all the boxes against the negatives from CFL and halogen lighting, we've decided to help you out by offering FREE energy efficient lighting plan designs to not only make sure you achieve the BCA requirements but also have even illumination across the home with high colour rendering and brightness.

    To take up this free offer please visit one of our showrooms, or email through any floor and elevation plans you have and we will get in contact with you to discuss your options.

    1300 565 337 - info (@) - Melbourne & Sydney Showrooms