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    Benchmarking LED Lights


    David Wren's website LED Benchmark compares advertised versus measured performance of various residential LED lights available in Australia.

    On September 9, the ATA (Alternative Technology Association) featured David's presentation "LED Lights – A true revolution or just hype?" which sets out to describe both the advantages and disadvantages of LED technology.

    David began by explaining that he had started the LED Benchmark website because there were no other independent websites comparing residential replacement LED lighting.

    With the dream that the website would become a good investment through online advertising, David said that this was unfortunately not the case as the website currently returns about $8 per day, and he now considers the project a hobby.

    Regardless, David continues to compare LED lighting products and offers an un-biased technical comparison.

    David’s testing predominantly compares the LED manufacturer's performance claims on their data-sheets to actual performance under test conditions – he also compares each product to the original form that the product is designed to replace.

    Each product is then given a star rating out of five.

    The LED Benchmark website lists over 300 products, tested and rated.

    David’s presentation ran through the following points:

    • History of LEDs and the main types popular in residential retrofits
    • How LEDs create white light using phosphor
    • Stages of manufacturing
    • CRI (Colour Rendering Index)
    • LED flickering and dimming
    • EMI frequency disturbances and Australian standards
    • How LED Benchmark tests each product
    • Sales tactics and vendor fraud – 'over claiming' a products light output
    • What to look for in a LED product
    • What the future holds for LEDs

    - in which he dispelled the claims made by some manufacturers/suppliers.

    We provided David with a LED downlight to test - our Syban downlight is now listed on the LED Benchmark website with a score of 4 stars, which is a reasonable result.

    Reflecting on the presentation, it confirmed to us that Lighting Matters knowledge, advice and choice of product range is consistent with David’s recommendations. I left the event feeling quite satisfied with the quality of the advice Lighting Matters staff offer their customers.