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      Lucky Dip or Holy Grail?


      Lighting Retrofit - Turning a Lucky Dip Into the Holy Grail

      About four years ago, the team at Lighting Matters embarked on a quest to find a full suite of replacement light bulbs that would perform in accordance with the following criteria:

      • 1. Gives equivalent light to the lamp it has been designed to replace.
      • 2. Works with all existing control gear, including transformers and dimmers.
      • 3. Fits into any existing lamp-holder / fitting designed to hold that lamp type.
      • 4. Doesn’t run too hot!
      • 5. Comes backed by a secure warranty.

      To date we’ve sampled everything we could get our hands on in every format. We’ve toured the exhibition halls of Hong Kong and Guangzhou and Frankfurt. We read every email from every friendly Middle Kingdom manufacturer, whether they want merely to wish us “happy life” or go even further and become “co-operation life-long friends”.

      We appreciate the happy sentiments, but we refuse to become part of a dumping ground for inferior LED products.

      Both our Melbourne and Sydney branches have bargain bins of bulbs that didn’t make the grade. We encourage you to head over and check them out - we don't expect you to buy them, but we can discuss with you what makes a good LED product.

      We’ve also evaluated products from lighting industry stalwarts such as Philips, CREE, Verbatim, Brightgreen and OSRAM, and finally, we can present our range of high-performance replacement lamps with confidence.

      There is however no fix-all product that meets all the criteria listed above - no silver bullet design. Every installation is different, some are complex and require careful planning, but there is always a tailored solution and Lighting Matters is geared to find it. Every customer we help propels us further as leaders in this emerging industry.

      Talk with us first. We are confident you will benefit from the depth of our knowledge and understanding.