New Lighting Requirements - Building Code of Australia

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 Even more of a reason to switch to LED lighting... The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has just introduced new requirements for artificial lighting that restricts the amount of lighting, or more power used for lighting the home.

The changes in the BCA involve dropping the old 25 watts per square meter maximum right down to 5 watts per square meter.

This will certainly impact the way any new home or renovations are carried out.

Under the new requirement builders, architects, electricians and the like are now almost forced to convert to a much more energy efficient way of lighting. 

In a typical 4m x 4m room some lighting designers would allow for 4 x 50W halogens downlights.

In this situation the rooms square metre coverage is 4 x 4 = 16 sqm. Using 4 x 50W lights gives us 200W.

Using the basic mathematics to determine watts per square metre (200W/16sqm) this gives us a total of 12.5W per square metre, well above the new 5W per square metre.

By switching to LED Downlights, using a 50W halogen LED equivalent, the Brightgreen D900 only uses 16W per lamp.

16W x 4 / 16sqm = 4W/sqm - That means LED Downlights comply to the new BCA for equivalent light output of 50W halogens.


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