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    LED Lighting Techniques


    Formulating a new LED lighting system is easy using this handy guide..

    Indirect Lighting

    Indirect lighting uses room surfaces such as ceilings or walls to act as light reflectors, resulting in a soft and uniform distribution of light with minimal shadowing. Indirect lighting is an ultra-modern method of making spaces appear brighter and more spacious..

    Direct Lighting

    Direct lighting means 90 to 100% of the emitted light is distributed over the area to be illuminated. Often the light beam is cast downward, making this efficient technique suitable for nearly all general lighting purposes. Most focused-beam LED downlights are suitable for direct lighting.

    Task Lighting

    Task lighting is often brighter than other lighting designs, and varies depending on the nature of the task. In residential applications, task lighting is generally required over food preparation areas, and in the home office or study for desk and bookshelf lighting.

    Projection Lighting

    Projection lighting is a way to highlight images, patterns and signage using both spot and floodlights. An artform in itself, projection lighting is often found in contemporary art spaces and exhibitions. Projection lighting can be used to highlight feature walls.

    Wash Lighting

    Wash lighting is often used to emphasise architectural design. It 'melds' the room space to its occupants. Wash lighting is often applied in museums or large public areas and allows the division of larger spaces into symmetrical and asymmetrical forms. It can provide illumination without a focus and generally requires LED lights with a wide beam angle.

    Orientation Lighting

    Orientation lighting provides easier walking orientation and guidance around spaces such as stairways and walkways. An example of this type of lighting is the foot lighting used in cinemas. Orientation lighting uses low illumination levels and requires flush-mounted unobtrusive LED light designs.

    Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting is generally applied in decorative lighting designs and is used to highlight elements and objects within a surrounding space. It allows objects to stand out and attract more attention, and is commonly found in retail settings such as jewellery stores.