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    NSW ESS - Energy Saving Scheme


    Eligibility: Homes and businesses in NSW

    In July 2009 the NSW government launched the Energy Efficiency Scheme, or ESS, a scheme that creates financial incentives to reduce electricity consumption and encourage energy-saving activities.

    The scheme awards homeowners and businesses that undertake improvements designed to reduce their electricity consumption or increase their energy efficiencies. 

    We stock a number of products that have been approved under ESS, which means that if you live in New South Wales, you are eligible to receive a rebate for having them installed by a trained installer. 

    Eligible products include:
    Enlightens Chamaeleon
    Brightgreen D900 Downlight
    Brightgreen DR700 MR16
    Indice 5W & 8W MR16
    CREE CR150 Downlight

    Prices for installation vary depending on your location and the amount of rebate you receive depends on the products used, which activity you register under and the current market price for the created  Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs)

    Please contact us for a quotation today!