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      VEET - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target



      Eligibility: Homes and Businesses in Victoria

      VEET stands for Victorian Energy Efficiency Target. It is a Victorian government initiative that encourages the reduction of greenhouse gases by rewarding people for making energy-efficient upgrades around the home or at work, including in these upgrades is changing inefficient halogen and incandescent lamps to LED and CFL.

      We stock a number of products that have been approved under VEET, which means that if you live in Victoria, you are eligible to receive a rebate for having them installed by a trained installer. 

      Eligible products include:
      Enlightens Chamaeleon
      Brightgreen D900 Downlight
      Brightgreen DR700 MR16
      Indice 5W & 8W MR16
      CREE CR150 Downlight

      Prices for installation vary depending on your location and the amount of rebate you receive depends on the products used, which activity you register under (21 or 34) and the current market price for the created Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)

      Requirements under Activity 34 are as follows:
      Approved Product at the time of installation.
      Reflective Ceiling Plan Showing Light Points & Controls
      Identify Grouping of Lights and Controls
      Photographs of Current Light Fittings & Transformer or Ballast
      Photographs of New Light Fittings & Transformers Installed
      Photographs of Decommissioned Goods (Piled Up Post Installation)
      Receipt of Recycling/Decommissioning Showing Weight & Count
      Count of Retained Lighting Equipment
      Updated Ceiling Plan Showing New Lights Installed
      Lux Level Assessment for Areas Retrofit
      Baseline -> Upgrade Equipment List
      Copies of Invoices for Equipment
      AS1680 Declaration 
      VEEC Assignment Form Completed
      Copies of Certificate of Electrical Safety

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