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    I have intermittent flickering in NSW, what should I do?

     There are a few issues that come up in NSW and southern QLD in relation to flickering LED lights on dimmable circuits at different times during the day.

    There may be a couple of reasons this may be occurring, and so far all of the evidence indicates that the electricity distributors (not retailers) are using high frequencies along the electricity grid to remotely switch devices on and off at varying times of the day.

    When this frequency goes through the dimmer and into a LED light driver circuit the shift can cause the LED to flicker spontaneously for up to 2 minutes. If this is the case then you might need to contact the distributor and arrange a meeting to test your power circuit to see which frequency is hitting your home. Once this has been found out, you may need to install a frequency filter to reduce this impact.

    Another one we've come across is having a 'wandering neutral' link, where connection is not made properly and can cause electromagnetic interference with devices. Again, you will need to have the electricity distributor come and test your power supply in order to determine this. An electrician will not be able to unlock or work on this part of the connection.

    Other occurrences could be incompatible dimmers or non-dimmable LED lights.