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    What are the advantages of LED lighting?

     Shock resistant

    LED lights are a solid-state component so they are reasonably resistant to breakages caused by transit, being dropped or similar.

    Explosion resistant

    Unlike conventional lighting, LED lights do not operate at extremely high temperatures in a vacuum which can cause explosions at failure.

    Multi-dimensional Adaptability

    Because LED lights come in a vast range of colours, sizes, shapes, bases, designs, efficiencies, fixings etc. the possibilities of easily developing a custom size fitting are almost limitless.


    LED lights consume significantly less energy compared to halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lights.


    LED light globes are safer to use in the home, pose a lower threat of house fires due to heat, provide protection against rising energy costs and are cool to touch.

    Light Quality

    LED lights provides ample light for all conditions. Whether you are replacing fluorescent tubes, halogens, incandescents or CFLs, you will instantly find the light from a LED to be more stable, crisp, and clear no matter which colour temperature you choose.

    Instant ON

    LED lights have the ability to be turned off and on to full capacity quicker than any other form of lighting. There is no flickering and no warm up time.


    Some LED lights can be dimmed, some with warmer colours when dimmed. Generally you will need to use a suitable dimmer to allow this.

    LED lights in general have a life expectancy of 15,000 ñ 100,000 hours. This means that even operating 8 hours a day you should see better quality LED lights lasting more than 15 years.

    LED lighting produces far less heat than conventional lighting, in some cases where an array of lights are used in a ceiling, you can even save on your air-conditioning!