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    Seddon SDA Church Lighting Upgrade


    The builders from Seddon SDA Church contacted Lighting Matters to initiate a lighting design to upgrade their main church hall.

    After a bit of back and forth with design, we settled on using the highest efficacy LEDs available at the time, CREE CR14 LED troffers - delivering 100 lumens per watt of 90 colour rendering light through the main seating area with on tap perfect dimming.

    We also used Brightgreen D900s (formerlly D1000) through the real lower ceiling area, and CREE LR150 and CREE LR200 high output down lights on the main stage.

    The perfectly consistent light measured over 500 lux at 8 metres height, consuming less than 700 watts of power. It’s possibly the most energy efficient lighting so far installed in an Australian church.