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    Justin's New Home LED Lighting


    We assisted Justin with the design of his new home lighting plan.

    Throughout this neat two-story residence we hand picked and positioned various lights to achieve a pleasant atmosphere without going overboard.

    In the kitchen and pantry we specified Rigid LED Strip mounted in Slim LED Profile to highlight the working spaces.

    We also used Rigid LED Strip below the living room bookshelf, providing a soft ambient light, with attractive yet subtle CLA London wall lights.

    We provided Rigid LED Strip under the bathroom mirror cupboards, and below the footwell, to provide a soft, ambient light in this area as well.

    Above the mirror we specified the ever-popular Brightgreen D900 for brighter, more focused task lighting.

    Staggered along the stair case are Brightgreen W200 Curve Wall Lights mounted closely to the steps creating a great shadow effect.

    We provided Brightgreen D900 Downlights for the exterior decking area to provide ample illumination for night time BBQs and gatherings.

    Again, the hall uses CLA London Wall Lights as wall fillers.

    The bedroom area has a combination of Thinkwise Spark900 Downlights with high tilt and Brightgreen D900s to provide either a soft and ambient mood, or a high-brightness working atmosphere. The pendant looks amazing!

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