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    Wholesale Supply

    Services for Building and Electrical Professionals

    Lighting Matters staff deal with LED lights on a daily basis and we test the latest products for performance and compatibility. We are therefore best able to advise and assist you in quoting for a high performance LED lighting system.

    1. Lighting Matters strives to ensure that you are supplied high quality, compatible, branded LED lighting products backed by robust Australian warranties.

    2. We not only bring work to you in your area, we also look after factory warranty replacements, and our standard trade and volume pricing allows good profits for your business.

    3. We provide advice on dimming compatibility and performance, and we can help with claiming Government rebates and incentives.

    4. You will benefit from 30 day terms, great service, great products and great prices.

    So, how can we help you?

    The Learning Process

    Lighting Matters staff can demonstrate our range of products in both Melbourne and Sydney stores, showing you the issues to look out for, and how to select the right light for the application.

    Prompt Delivery

    You can pick up your products (the cheapest way), or have them delivered to you, or directly to your client.

    Pricing structure

    We have a trade pricing structure geared to benefit contractors and building professionals who continue doing business with us - small orders are discounted and volume orders attract even greater discounts.

    Support for you AND your clients

    Sometimes, your clients might need to know questions that you can't readily answer. That's where our phone support system will come in handy.

    Plus, we're able to provide cost/benefit and return-on-investment calculations, lighting layouts and plan overlays as well.

    Lighting Matters is your one-stop shop for:

    • A wide and diverse range of LED products
    • No preferred brands
    • All the accessories you need
    • FULL product support

    Try us out on an upcoming project, trial our products, test the quality for yourself.