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Lighting Matters are the leaders in LED lighting in Melbourne and Sydney offering the best products at the lowest prices. We have discovered the numerous benefits in choosing LED over other light forms and we are dedicated to sharing these perks with homes and businesses around Australia.

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Choosing LED in your home and business not only looks fantastic, but it saves you money as well. It is proven that LEDs can reduce your light system power consumption by around 80%. Energy efficient LEDs can also last up to 50 times longer, with a lighting quality that you will not believe.

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LED bulbs offer more than just money and power saving though - they also offer a level of safety like no other. No longer will you have to worry about exploding globes. There is also a lower threat of house fires caused by filament bulbs - our lightbulbs are warm, not hot, to touch.

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Here at Lighting Matters we are dedicated to giving you the best range and highest quality service. Whether it is for domestic or commercial spaces, we will take the time to find the right lighting solution for you. Choose from our range of LED downlights, sensor lights and globes to benefit from energy saving, environmentally friendly LED lighting.

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