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    07/30/2014I have intermittent flickering in NSW, what should I do?

     There are a few issues that come up in NSW and southern QLD in relation to flickering LED lights on dimmable circuits at different times during the day.There may be a couple of reasons this may be occurring, and so far all of the evidence indicates that the electricity distributors (not retail..

    07/29/2014Should I wait for prices to come down before purchasing LED lights?

     Maybe yes, maybe noIf you're using the light a lot, then it's most definitely a no as you will have a faster return on investment by switching to LEDs now.If you donít use the light often then your benefit from reduced power consumption scales down accordingly. However, the failure rate and r..

    07/29/2014What are LEDs or light emitting diodes?

     The term LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode, and essentially describes a semi-conductor component that produces light when electricity is applied.A LED is not like a traditional light bulb where electricity is used to heat/burn a filament wire until it glows. LEDs are efficient, p..

    07/29/2014Can LED lights be dimmed?

    Yes!Some LED lights are dimmable, and can be dimmed via various different dimming methods.All product descriptions in the Lighting Matters catalogue show dimming capability if available. Please note that some LED products are universally compatible with existing dimmers out-of-the-box, while others ..

    07/29/2014What is LED lighting?

     LED is the safer way of lighting, no glass, no pressurised gases, no explosions, and almost no fire risk. LEDs are a small, solid-state electronic device which means no glass breakage. Different properties of LED chips on circuit boards means most colours in the colour spectrum can be created ..

    07/29/2014What are the advantages of LED lighting?

     Shock resistantLED lights are a solid-state component so they are reasonably resistant to breakages caused by transit, being dropped or similar.Explosion resistantUnlike conventional lighting, LED lights do not operate at extremely high temperatures in a vacuum which can cause explosions at fa..

    07/29/2014How long do LED lights last?

     The lifespan of a LED (chip) is defined by the extrapolated time taken for light output to degrade by 30% (L70). It is common for LEDs to last between 15,000 hours all the way up to 90,000+ hours. However only a handful of manufacturers actually have products which have been tested longer than..

    07/29/2014Do I need a LED driver or can I use my existing transformer?

     Not always, but most of the time.LEDs are susceptible to current and voltage spikes simply due to their low operating voltage and minimal current demand. If an external heavy load is applied to an electric circuit which is also running a LED light, the dips in voltage and current can seriously..

    07/29/2014Are LED lights too directional?

     Not any more..Surface mounted LEDs (SMDs) are specially constructed to release a large number of photons across a wide 120 degree angle. Additionally, they can be mounted in a reflective housing to broaden or focus the beam angle, or behind a lens that concentrates the light in a particular di..

    07/29/2014Can ambient temperature affect LED performance?

     From a technical point of view, LED fixtures must be designed with an adequate heat sink or thermal management system to allow the junction temperature to be minimised as much as possible to allow operation in high ambient temperatures.High temperatures can reduce lifespan and light output of ..

    07/29/2014Can I replace my existing lights with LED lights?

     Yes! A wise decision!LED lamps are available now with a variety of bases and fittings such as the ëstandardí Bayonet (B22) and Edison (E27) screw-in globes, and the ubiquitous GU10 and MR16 down lights.We believe that, like CREE and Brightgreen as examples, most manufacturers will eventually..

    07/29/2014What is lumens?

     A lumen is a standard reference for an amount of light. According to Wikipedia,"if a light source emits one candela of luminous intensity into a solid angle of one steradian, the total luminous flux emitted into that solid angle is one lumen. Alternatively, an isotropic one-candela light sourc..

    07/29/2014What is junction temperature?

     Junction temperature is the temperature where a diode connects to itís circuit board. A low junction temperature increases output and slows LED lumen depreciation. Junction temperature is thus a key metric for evaluating LED quality and life expectancy.The three things affecting junction temp..

    07/29/2014What is lux?

     In simply terms, lux is lumens per square meter, it is an amount of light measured in reference to a distance away from a light source.For example, there are Australian Standard lux levels for different areas - in a commercial office space there is a requirement for an average of 320 lx (lux) ..

    07/29/2014What are COB, SMD and High Power LED?

     SMD LEDs are surface mounted devices which are placed directly onto a circuit board and then soldered using a reflow soldering machine or hand soldered in some situations. Generally a SMD LED light will have a lot of smaller LEDs on a circuit board attached to a heat sink or fixture. Since the..

    07/29/2014Which lamp base do I have?

     MR16 and MR11are typically types of multifaceted reflector lamps (MR), in which the number (16/11) relates to diameter of the facia in eights of an inch. For example 16 eights of an inch equals 51mm.These lamps are typically 12 volt halogens and powered by a 240V transformer.GU10is a derivativ..

    07/29/2014Where can LED lights be used?

     ResidentialDecorative lights, pendant lights, under cabinets, inside cabinets, kitchen back lighting, recessed down lighting, feature wall lighting, bedroom mood lighting, bathroom vanity, home theatre, media room, entertainment areas, patio and garden.Architectural/CommercialInterior and exte..

    07/29/2014How long will delivery take?

     Most stocked items will leave the same or following business day, by either Fastway Courier or Australia Post, depending on the size, weight and value of the order.Delivery times vary throughout the year, most goods delivered to metropolitan areas around capital cities (excluding Perth) will t..

    07/29/2014What LED light should I use to replace my current light?

     It is sometimes hard to determine exactly what wattage LED light you need to replace your existing lamps.Typically, halogen and incandescent lamps have a very low luminous efficacy at around 15 lumens/watt. Compact fluorescents are more efficient at around 60 lumens/watt.However, when comparin..

    07/29/2014Why do my LED lights flicker?

    Common reasons for flickering or flashing LEDs are dimmers, non-compatible transformers or drivers and failed internal electrical components.If there are a number of lights which are all flickering in the same manner then it is highly likely that the LEDs are not compatible with the installed dimmer..

    07/29/2014Can you provide a lighting design?

     Yes absolutely!

    07/29/2014One of my lights isn't working, what do I do?

     Please get in contact with us and we will arrange a replacement for any failed products or help troubleshoot if there is another issue. We can only provide warranty replacement for products purchase through Lighting Matters...

    07/29/2014How many lights do I need?

      There is not a definitive answer for this as it depends on the type of room / area, the size of the room, the ceiling height and which product you're looking to install.In a typical 4m x 4m bedroom for example could be illuminated with 4x downlights, or a single centre downlight or bulb,..

    07/29/2014Are you an Australian owned business?

     Yes of course, whilst we focus on displaying our products and services online and promote online purchases, we do have an ABN, we have a bricks and mortar showroom in Melbourne and Sydney, staff and operational costs - we are not back yard heroes. ..

    07/29/2014Are LED lights compatible with my home automation system?

      In some situations Yes, and others No. Only certain products are suitable for use with CBus, Dynalite, Z-Wave systems. Please check the data sheet for more information, or ask us to test them in house...

    07/29/2014Do I need an electrician?

      If the lights you have purchases are simply light globes designed to be installed into existing fixtures then you can unscrew or unplug the existing light and replace it with the LED. However if the product youíve purchased comes with no plugs or standard light base sockets then yo..

    07/29/2014Are your products compliant?

      Yes, unlike many of the other products being sold in the Australian market our products comply with the relevant Australian standards for EMC and LVD. Common standards our products comply with are EN55015 (CISPR15), AS/NZ 60598, AS/NZ 60958, AS/NZ 61347, AS/NZ 3000, AS/NZ 1680 and so on...

    07/29/2014What transformer do I have?

     You will either have an electronic transformer or magnetic (iron core) ballast, the easiest way to tell is by the weight of the transformer. If it is light and in a plastic case it will generally be electronic, whilst magnetic ballasts are usually quite heavy with a metal case...

    07/29/2014Can I return products?

     Products purchased may be returned within 7 days for a full refund less shipping provided they are still in their original packaging.Products purchased and unused within 3 months may be refunded less 20% restocking fee and less shipping.Products purchased and used or unused after 3 months may ..

    07/29/2014Do you provide installation?

      In some instances we can provide installation in metro areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, outside of these areas we recommend using a local electrician...

    07/29/2014Do I need to change my dimmer?

     Traditional dimmers may not work as well with the lower power consumption of LEDs. As such you may require a new dimmer suitable for your LED product if the performance is not acceptable...