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    Government Rebates & Incentives

    05/25/2014Smart Blocks - VIC & NSW - Tune Up Your Building
    Smart Blocks - VIC & NSW - Tune Up Your Building

     Smart Blocks is a national program helping apartment owners and their managers to improve the energy efficiency of common property in apartment buildings.Smart Blocks was developed in partnership between Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network ..

    03/22/2014VIC - Energy and Materials Capital Funding Program
    VIC - Energy and Materials Capital Funding Program

     Energy and MaterialsProtect your business against rising costs by using less energy and materials.Information Sessions about funding and support available through the Victorian GovernmentĂ­s Smarter Resources Smarter Business program will be held over February and March.Register for an informa..

    03/19/2014MEPS - Minimum Energy Performance Standards
    MEPS - Minimum Energy Performance Standards

     Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) are included on products so consumers can recognize energy-efficient products. Since being implemented in 1999, MEPS has increased energy-efficiency ratings across a range of appliances and equipment. Products manufactured in Australia or import..

    03/19/2014NSW BASIX

    The New South Wales Government has designed a web-based planning tool called BASIX that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions released from homes. All home builders must submit a BASIX certificate in order for their home development to be approved. BASIX is a free online program tha..

    03/19/2014Halogen Phase Out
    Halogen Phase Out

     The Australian Government is gradually phasing out all inefficient sources of light and replacing them with energy efficient types, such as LEDs. To achieve this, the government has introduced Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for all lighting products and placed a restriction on imp..

    03/19/2014NFEE - National Framework for Energy Efficiency
    NFEE - National Framework for Energy Efficiency

     The National Framework for Energy Efficiency ensures the Australian market is receiving its full economic potential of energy efficiency. The NFEE has two stages; the first consists of nine policy packages that focus on extending or developing current energy efficiency measures. The secon..

    03/19/2014BCA - Building Code Australia
    BCA - Building Code Australia

     The Building Code of Australia (BCA) contains the technical provisions of the minimum safety, health, amenity and sustainability specifications required of new buildings. It also acts as the nationally consistent building regulations of all states and territories. As of May 2011, the BCA ..

    03/19/2014NABERS - National Australian Built Environment Rating System
    NABERS - National Australian Built Environment Rating System

     NABERS, an acronym for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System, is a performance-based rating system applicable to existing commercial and residential buildings. NABERS measures a building environmental impacts such as energy, water and waste. NABERS assessors educate buil..

    03/19/2014Green Star Environmental Rating
    Green Star Environmental Rating

     Green Star is as an environmental rating system that evaluates the design and construction of buildings in relation to the environment. There are nine different rating tools to guide building developments, and points are awarded for each level achieved. A project will be Green Star certified i..

    03/19/2014NSW ESS - Energy Saving Scheme
    NSW ESS - Energy Saving Scheme

    Eligibility: Homes and businesses in NSWIn July 2009 the NSW government launched the Energy Efficiency Scheme, or ESS, a scheme that creates financial incentives to reduce electricity consumption and encourage energy-saving activities.The scheme awards homeowners and businesses that undertake improv..

    03/19/2014VEET - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target
    VEET - Victorian Energy Efficiency Target

     Eligibility: Homes and Businesses in VictoriaVEET stands for Victorian Energy Efficiency Target. It is a Victorian government initiative that encourages the reduction of greenhouse gases by rewarding people for making energy-efficient upgrades around the home or at work, including in these upg..