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    Installation Gallery

    12/01/2014Dream Kitchen LED Strip Lighting
    Dream Kitchen LED Strip Lighting

    The result far surpassed our expectations. Not a bad testimonial from Dream Doors after we installed our latest high performance LED strip lighting and mounting profile in their display area. Lighting Matters specified hi-output LED strip in 4000K neutral white installed above the oven hobbs a..

    12/01/2014LED Strip for Muffin Break in Sydney CBD
    LED Strip for Muffin Break in Sydney CBD

    Cooler-running and more reliable than flourescents.. LED strip lighting proved to be the safer option for Muffin Break. Proprietor Cindy was really happy with the clarity of the light and how much brighter the products looked. Lighting Matters specified hi-output, cooler-running LED strip i..

    10/17/2014New Medical Centre Installs High Performance Troffers
    New Medical Centre Installs High Performance Troffers

    Compliant light levels and very low power consumption. Lighting Matters supplied over 100 M-Elec troffers and Verbatim 10W downlights for this installation. ..

    10/17/2014Verbatim Retrofit to Knox Food Preparation Area
    Verbatim Retrofit to Knox Food Preparation Area

    The new Verbatim downlights were chosen as the best retrofit option. The proprietor immediately noted a more uniform coverage and generally increased lux levels after the Verbatim downlights were installed. ..

    10/14/2014Optimised LED Lighting Retrofit in Sydney
    Optimised LED Lighting Retrofit in Sydney

    Julie and Steve were renovating their kitchen and were looking to install LED Lighting but were not sure what products to use and where to position each fitting. They contacted Lighting Matters and after a quick consultation we recommended Brightgreen D900’s throughout the kitchen. Julie and S..

    10/13/2014Andrew's Newly Built Home Complete with Brightgreen D900s
    Andrew's Newly Built Home Complete with Brightgreen D900s

    A Truly State-Of-The-Art Residential Lighting Design. As featured on our front page! ..

    09/24/2014Tangerines, Brightgreen and M-Elec
    Tangerines, Brightgreen and M-Elec

    Brightgreen TR700 track lights and M-Elec F40 battens and our LM rigid strip lighting up the box displays. ..

    08/24/2014Seddon SDA Church Lighting Upgrade
    Seddon SDA Church Lighting Upgrade

    The builders from Seddon SDA Church contacted Lighting Matters to initiate a lighting design to upgrade their main church hall. After a bit of back and forth with design, we settled on using the highest efficacy LEDs available at the time, CREE CR14 LED troffers - delivering 100 lumens per watt ..

    08/22/2014Multi Unit Builders Use LEDs For Efficiency
    Multi Unit Builders Use LEDs For Efficiency

    These homes have perfect illumination. Lighting Matters was commissioned to design and supply the complete lighting systems, and the builders achieved excellent lighting for their new residential buildings. We specified Brightgreen D700 down lights throughout, for all the living areas. ..

    08/22/2014Judy's New Designer Home
    Judy's New Designer Home

    Complete with Brightgreen D900s and Haiku Efficient fans.

    08/07/2014ZWave Wireless Automated LED Lighting
    ZWave Wireless Automated LED Lighting

    Remotely switch, dim, move, rotate and access all sorts of things. There’s been a lot of discussion about Smart Wifi LED Bulbs such as the Philips Hue and LIFX lamps which can be controlled via iPhone or Android smart phones. As everything moves toward automation and removing wires from your ho..

    08/07/2014Justin's New Home LED Lighting
    Justin's New Home LED Lighting

    We assisted Justin with the design of his new home lighting plan. Throughout this neat two-story residence we hand picked and positioned various lights to achieve a pleasant atmosphere without going overboard. In the kitchen and pantry we specified Rigid LED Strip mounted in Slim LED Pro..

    06/05/2014Royal Melbourne Hospital Cafeteria Moves To Brightgreen LEDs
    Royal Melbourne Hospital Cafeteria Moves To Brightgreen LEDs

    Brightgreen D900s installed in the busy Royal Melbourne Hospital cafeteria area create a pleasant, warm atmosphere while consuming a fifth of the power compared to 50 watt halogens. ..

    06/05/2014Total Eden Eye-catching LED Retrofit Saves Energy, Reduces Maintenance
    Total Eden Eye-catching LED Retrofit Saves Energy, Reduces Maintenance

    The huge Total Eden temperature and clock tower near Airport West in Victoria originally used incandescent globes consuming huge amounts of power at a whopping 40 watts each. The eye-catching sign, employing 200 globes in total, also had high maintenance costs due to the short lifespan of incandesc..

    05/21/2014Nicole's Kitchen Lighting Re-Design
    Nicole's Kitchen Lighting Re-Design

    Nicole contacted LightingMatters requesting a lighting design for her new house. The installation was completed following our advice and consultation.Nicole sent this photo of the kitchen - We think it looks great! ..

    05/20/2014Architect-Designed, Off-Grid Residence Uses LEDs Throughout
    Architect-Designed, Off-Grid Residence Uses LEDs Throughout

    Owner builders of this delightful home are Betsy andGordon Blunsdon, with architecture by Robert Pierce
. Gordon contacted Lighting Matters requesting an energy efficient lighting plan for his off–grid three-bedroom guest accommodation project in Tasmania. A combination of 10W downlights, LED ..

    03/29/2014Tullamarine Business Switches to Brightgreen DR700s Under VEET Scheme
    Tullamarine Business Switches to Brightgreen DR700s Under VEET Scheme

    This is one of our first retrofits under the VEET scheme here in Victoria.We changed over 40 halogen down lights with the Brightgreen DR700s (currently the only retrofit lamp available for energy efficiency certificates).The outcome was astonishing - much better illumination, cleaner light, less hea..

    03/29/2014Energy Matters New Office Installs LED Panels
    Energy Matters New Office Installs LED Panels

    Australia's leaders in renewable energy products, Energy Matters recently moved into their new office in City Road, Southbank. We supplied over 100 surface-mounted Lumex LED panels for this state-of-the-art office space. ..

    03/29/2014Brunswick Fashion Store Reduces Energy Costs By 90%!
    Brunswick Fashion Store Reduces Energy Costs By 90%!

    A simple light globe change can make a massive difference, and this fashion store in Brunswick is a prime example.Previously using 60W incandescent globes, we switched these to 5 watt and 10 watt LED globes, increasing the light delivered onto the products, removing the significant environmental hea..

    03/29/2014Retirement Village Improves Safety With LED Downlighting
    Retirement Village Improves Safety With LED Downlighting

    Here we have an installation done by our friends at Mainzpower Electrics. We supplied 400+ Brightgreen D900 LED Downlights to replace 35W halogens. Over 50% energy reduction was achieved, and much brighter too ! ..

    03/29/2014Conference Center Deploys Dimmable LEDs
    Conference Center Deploys Dimmable LEDs

    Part of a complete Queen Street building retrofit in Melbourne CBD entailed re-lighting this large conference area. This image shows how fantastic the Brightgreen DR700s look with the dimming option! ..

    03/29/2014Souvenir Store Chooses Brightgreen Shoplighters
    Souvenir Store Chooses Brightgreen Shoplighters

    We delivered more than 30 premium quality Brightgreen SL3500 Shoplighters to this souvenier store. Located in Melbourne's CBD, high colour rendering quality and low power consumption were important factors in the design. ..

    03/29/2014Citiclub Hotel Switches to LED Downlights
    Citiclub Hotel Switches to LED Downlights

    As part of Australia's largest LED downlight retrofit under the VEET scheme, the Citiclub Hotel Foyer was changed over to the Brightgreen DR700 LED downlight.Everything is a lot brighter, with the very high colour rendering quality of the Australian-designed Brightgreen LED lights contributing to th..

    03/29/2014Adriatic Furniture Goes LED!
    Adriatic Furniture Goes LED!

    Premium quality furniture super store Adriatic Furniture commissioned Lighting Matters to trial LEDs in their Airport West store, in late 2012. The upgrade included removing many 50W halogens and replacing them with our cool white Philips Master LEDs, and also replacing their 70 watt metal ha..

    03/29/2014Shirley and John's Complete Home Retrofit
    Shirley and John's Complete Home Retrofit

    Although John and Shirley had installed CFLs only a couple of years ago, as soon as our quality LED globes became available, the whole house was retrofit once again. We changed over more than 6 metres of fluoro tubes to LED T8 tubes saving well over 50% on power consumption as it was, then we switc..

    03/29/2014Maree's Living Room Retrofit
    Maree's Living Room Retrofit

    Concerned about the heat caused by halogens, Maree commissioned Lighting Matters to retrofit the lights with much safer LEDs. Compared to the halogen lamps, the extra light output was an extra benefit. Swapping the 50W halogens with 10 watt LEDs was a breeze. ..

    03/29/2014Jade's Kitchen Accent Lighting
    Jade's Kitchen Accent Lighting

    When Jade decided to build her new kitchen, the one thing she wanted, other than more storage space, was better lighting. Lighting Matters installed 2 x 5m lengths of cool white LED strip around the overhead cupboards and 1 x 5m length of warm white with a 60W LED driver around the base of the kitc..

    03/29/2014Riverside Apartments Foyer Retrofit
    Riverside Apartments Foyer Retrofit

    Down in South Yarra, Victoria there is a block of 22 apartments with an abundance of foyer lighting which is switched on for more than 10 hours every day, 365 days a year. We changed 3 x 35W upward facing halogens in each corridor, and an 18W CFL globe on each floor in each corridor, saving each ow..

    03/29/2014Carter Home Retrofit
    Carter Home Retrofit

    When the Carters realised how much money their brand new display home was costing them JUST because of their lighting, who did they call to help them out? Lighting Matters of course. By swapping over 40 x 50W halogens inside their house, and close to 20 outside, to our CREE 10W GU10 lamps they hav..