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    31mm Festoon LED Globes (PAIR) White

    31mm Festoon LED Globes (PAIR) White
    31mm Festoon LED Globes (PAIR) White
    $9.99 Inc. GST
    1 - 3 Day Dispatch

    A super bright LED option to replace your festoon globes in the car, boat or caravan.

    31mm Festoon LED Globes (PAIR) White This pair of super bright white LED Festoon globes are the perfect replacement for any of your boat, caravan or car requirements.

    Suitable for replacement of indicator and signal lights, tail, brake, park, reverse, dashboard, you can use these anywhere.

    Coming standard with a brushed aluminium and waterproof housing, this lamp utilises a 1 watt LED chip that really packs a punch.

    Instant on, dimmable, low wattage, and a super long life span, means you can switch to LEDs and never have to change the globes ever again!

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